Follow the video series that explains Fellowship Church's core beliefs.  They are explained in the text provided below also.

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More of what we believe...

God made creation good and put humanity in charge of keeping it good. When we go against God’s will we are disobey him and we call this disobedience "sin." (Creation and Sin)

People are beautiful, but we are also broken. We interact with God, each other, and the world in both beautiful and broken ways. (Everything is Beautiful and Broken)

When humanity screwed up Creation, themselves, and their relationship with God, God didn't abandon Creation or humanity. Rather, God began the work of setting the world right through people. (Setting the World Right)

The descendants of Abraham were chosen to be a nation devoted to God, a bright light in a dark world designed to show all people what life is supposed to look like, and so draw all people into God's blessing. (Blessing the World With a Blessed People)

God relentlessly refuses to abandon His Creation. God sent His son Jesus to earth, who was God in substance and humanity in form, in order to save the world. (Jesus Is God In the Flesh)

Jesus sent His Spirit on those who believe, now the spirit of Jesus resides with all believers across the earth. The church, the community of believers, is the body of Jesus continuing Jesus’ work of redeeming Creation. (The Church is Jesus in the Flesh)

There will come a day when Jesus Messiah comes back to give us the same resurrection he had, a wholly redeemed physicality and all wounds will be healed, all tears will be wiped away, and all wrongs will be set right. (Future Hope)

Those who trust in the blood of Jesus for forgiveness of sins will be resurrected to eternal life, but those who do not will face an eternal punishment: a second death. (Future Destruction)

The Spirit of Jesus reigns in the Church now. Wherever the Church is following the rule of Jesus, they are manifesting the Kingdom of God on earth. (The Future Kingdom in the Present)