Jesus Is God in the Flesh:
God relentlessly refuses to abandon His Creation. God sent His son Jesus to earth, who consisted of the same substance of God Himself, to save the world. Jesus was born of a woman and born of God. He lived a life without sin, in complete love of others, and in intimate relationship with God, perfectly representing God’s image to the world the way humanity was created to. After bringing healing, love, and hope to humanity, humanity put Jesus to death on a cross. Jesus, as God, took on all the violent sin humanity could throw at Him and died with that sin on Him.

The sin that brings death killed Jesus, but Jesus was resurrected from the dead. The sin Jesus took upon himself stayed dead. All our sin against God, the sin that keeps us from right relationship with Him and others, died with Jesus for our forgiveness. With sin dead and Jesus alive, we have been set free from sin and all its effects and thus have been set right to be in the presence of God. Jesus freed us to live in unhindered intimacy with God and each other again.